I can't locate my previous accounts! pls help!

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First off I used face ID on IOS every time I log in and do anything on meta mask. I use it several times a day my PW is tied to that obviously. So today metamask made me update my app and after doing so my face ID did not work. It kept saying wrong password so I went online did some digging followed your instructions about resetting it with my recovery seed and yes it is correct because how else would I be able to reset it because based on your responses that’s a cookie cutter solution your reps give. So after resetting my passwords I no longer see my ether balance and the contract address I have been using in account 1 is wrong. I have only had one account and added binance smart chain and just toggle between the networks when I do use it. Not sure if that helps. I have spent all day reading stuff online tried adding the accounts after nothing did up to 20 of them even thought I only had 1 before. Seems like a common issue based on forums. 100% its a glitch in your system because it started happening after you made me update my metamask app and it worked perfectly fine before. I have only downloaded metamask on my iphone once so that means I should only have one recovery seed correct?

stop trying to scam peope I have seen this post every where if meta mask actually had a support line it would be on their website not whats app stupid cunt.