I created a 2nd wallet. Now I cannot access my 1st wallet

HI there, I am not sure of it was a post here, or elsewhere, but I followed instructions on how to open a new wallet (for my grandchildren). the instructions i followed were . 1. remove MM from your pc. 2. open Chrome. 3. go to MM website and download MM. Select the option to create new wallet (chose to select new seed words). 4. set up a password. 5. screen showed me seed words. 6. empty screen asked me to enter the seed words in the correct order. 7. Done! …Okay, i now have a new wallet for my grandchildren, i control the password and the seed words. Problem: when i click on the MM icon top right screen, i get a log in password request. the password that works is the one for my grandchildren’s wallet. when i try to enter the password for my wallet, it gets denied. what to do, please.? tia.


yes i do. I just tried to open my MM wallet on my mobile, which is android OS. which has not been ever opened, (I think). I was asked for my seed phrase, it asked me to set u a new password, which i did. After that, I entered my seed phrase, checked that it is correct and pressed on the equivalent of the ‘send’ box. nothing happened.

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