I have cleared history and data

i have cleared history and data in meta mask But transactions fail after I do this

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hi @cryptology , welcome to MetaMask community.

Generally, clearing history and data will not affect transactions. so can you describe in detail the problem you’re having?

If your transaction is pending, please refer to this article.


I work on Linea, and due to the network congestion, there are many transactions that were in progress, so I cleared the history and data, then after I did that, there is no transaction at all on Linea. The transaction fails after pressing CONFIRM directly

This happens with all Linea sites and shows different messages

Currently Linea is really congested, I’m not sure whether the method in the article is effective for you.

Maybe you can try again at another time. I had a similar problem before, luckily it got back to normal later.

In addition, in order to make the transaction as successful as possible, in the confirmation interface of wallet, we can click Market, and then select Aggressive.

btw linea has separate forum.


If you mean there is no transaction in your wallet activity, still you may have pending transactions on Linea. First you need to make sure there is not any pending transactions on Linea before sending a new one. Search your address on the Goerli LineaScan and check whether there are any pending transactions. Please remove the 2 spaces I inserted in the link.
https:// goerli.lineascan. build/
If there are pending transactions, you need to cancel them all, one by one, starting from the oldest one.
First, check your address on the LineaScan. In case there is not any pending transactions, then follow Tuya’s suggestions. Let us know in case you need further assistance.