I lost all of my tokens in my wallet

On 4th June at 6:31 all my tokens included ETH been transferred to another wallet without my authorization and involvement. Looks like they been hacked . Is it common on Metamask to be hacked ?

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This happened to me as well. So far Meta Mask is unwilling to own any part of it. Essentially saying there is nothing they can do to recover or insure the funds.

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This was their reply to me, I hope you get better news.

“ Unfortunately, if your funds have been sent to an address you don’t control, there is nothing we can do from here, due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrencies, transactions cannot be stopped or recalled once they have been sent to the network.

We can only urge you strongly to make sure that you always keep your seed phrase and private keys secret, be careful with malicious browser extensions and malware, don’t give access to your wallet to any unknown website, so this never happens again. You could also look into acquiring a hardware wallet that you could use connected to your MetaMask browser extension so you can keep the wallet’s seed phrase completely disconnected from the Internet.”

The reply from Metamask is bullshit because I kept everything very secretly from any other involvement and my comp. has very high protection. So far nothing like that happening in Coinbase and Binance. Meaning that Metamask has very low security. On top of it no responsibility at all.

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Agreed and same here. Another member, jp25, was also hacked around the same time frame. Please let me know if you hear or learn anything.

I woke this morning checked my metamask phone wallet, no etherium, no ALBT,no Luna so i ask metamask what to do, they tell me to reinstall with seed I do that and now it’s just nothing there’s nothing in my wallet, thousands of Australian dollars worth just vanished. I don’t know what to do .

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More than likely your computer has been compromised by malware and someone has outside access to your computer.

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Same shit happened to me. There is no history activity on my Metamask but all of my ETH was gone stolen to other address without my authorization. I keep the seed phrase/private key offline never be in clipboard or copying them. I dont have a clue why this could be happened on Metamask, everything just works fine on Binance I used to use.

here the address that stole 0.312 ETH from my wallet, the coin is still there not move

Any issues relating to phishing and thefts should be submitted to our support directly. I’ve converted this thread into a support ticket.

Many of the people offering to “help” or claiming they were also scammed are scammers themselves.

If you believe you were compromised through malware on your device, we strongly recommend the usage of a hardware wallet. It is also possible that you may have onboarded with a fake version of MetaMask, or a rotten seed phrase. You can learn more here: