I’m new to this… Is my transaction gone?

Hi, I’m new to this and fucked up my first transaction I think :smiling_face_with_tear: I just need someone to confirm if my ETH is lost or if it’s hope of getting it back.

I was transferring my ETH from MetaMask to my eCredit address which is:

The transaction is ofc successful now and in etherscan I can see my ETH in a wallet with the same address as my eCredit address.

See Transaction Hash:

I appreciate all the answers I can get :pray:t3:

Hello and welcome to MetaMask community,
On April 28, 0.19097 ETH has been transferred from this address (0x7901c33039a7b60014dbd4bf8d99ac64f924d742) to this one: 0x20637546639ce6ff84d21fda3ee989812c011bbe

If both addresses are yours, I am wondering what the problem is?


Thanks for answering @Maryam1
Do you have any idea why its not in my eCredit wallet then? :thinking:

Your are welcome @Crwt
I have not worked with eCredit wallet yet. However, the ETH is in your address.
If you share the public name of the eCard you are using with us, I will do a search.
By the way, be aware of the scammers. NEVER share your private key and secret recovery phrase with anybody under any conditions.


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