Imported wallet to new computer with correct seed phrase, but after recovery wallet has no coins and the address has changed

I used the correct seed phrase to recover my MetaMask wallet after I had removed it from my old machine and installed the extension on my new machine, but now all of my coins are gone and there is no sign of my old wallet. Even the public address of the wallet has changed. Please help!


I do have the old address of the wallet containing the coins. Could this be used to recover anything?


UPDATE: Man what a fricking mess. I was able to somehow pull up the old wallet address on MetaMask portfolio, and I can see that on 1/3/24 all of my LINK was sent to some unknown address?? I did NOT initiate this transaction, and based on the Etherscan it appears a contract was carried out. The name of the contract creator is “Chainlink: Deployer 1”. I never agreed to any smart contracts…looks like all of my LINK is gone. How could this happen on its own?

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hi. If you cannot find your old address after reinstalling the extension, check the methods below.


After restoring the wallet, add the token to the wallet through the following method.

If you find that the token is lost, check its whereabouts on debank or blockchain explorer. If they are transferred out, your wallet may have been compromised. contact the support team as follows.


UPDATE: After chatting with MetaMask support, I discovered that the wallet I had purchased the LINK with was my original wallet that had been hacked. I thought I had removed this wallet and added my new one on this machine, but apparently not. The LINK that was sent out of this wallet was done by the same wallet drainer that emptied my other crypto a while back. It’s unfortunate, but at least it wasn’t that much LINK. The wallet I restored on my new machine was the second wallet I had created, so the recovery phrase was different (I confirmed this by restoring the first wallet and checking the public address). Lesson(s) learned. Sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way…

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