ISF coins - Is it real?

Hello all,

3 years ago I followed a friend’s story about investing in the future. Making oil from plastic. I thought I would be part of a greener and better world. I invested €1000. This was translated to ISF coins. But I can’t do anything with this. Exchange, exchange, sell… Can anyone help me what to do or have I lost everything?

Thanks for the help!

hi @Lucas_vds ,welcome to MetaMask community.

I can’t find ISF token on coingecko. The following methods will help you determine whether this token is valuable.

1 , find its contract address on the blockchain explorer, check its number of holders, and transaction status.
If there are few holders and no trading records for a long time, it is likely to have no value.

2, paste the contract address into geckoterminal and check its liquidity. If liquidity is low, it has no value.
you can open geckoterminal like this: coingecko - products - geckoterminal


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