Latest update + Optimism send bug on Firefox

Since the last update to MetaMask on July 29th, I am no longer able to send ETH or any ERC20 tokens from my MetaMask while connected to the Optimism l2 chain. Worth noting that this is using Firefox browser, and that sending worked just prior to the update. There is no ability to enter in how much you want to send or hit the ‘max’ button, even though you have some in your wallet, and the button to send is greyed out. Also the send function works on all other chains (eth, arbitrum, poly, etc) using Firefox browser, and switching to other chains at the top drop down selector while in the send window, opens up the ability to send/enter amount on optimism when switching back to it in the chain selector, but then the function hangs(spinning loading circle) endlessly if executed. Asked about it in the Optimism discord, and they said it was possibly a known issue with trying to estimate gas on Optimism chain, just wanted to put the issue forth here.


Hey @martini.g, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

This may be an issue with the recent update, would you be able to contact our support team at and click Start a conversation?

Thank you!


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