Ledger Connection Issues

The latest v9.5.8 provides ledger live as a fix to issues users are currently experiencing with Ledger.

As part of v9.5.8, a new “What’s new” notifications explains the ledger live fix. For some users, this notification appears every time they open MetaMask. This can be an annoyance but doesn’t interfere with experience otherwise.

There is a workaround to make the “What’s new” message stop appearing described here: "What's new" message every time I open metamask · Issue #11220 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub

For users who get the ledger live update, if it isn’t working at first, a reboot might help.

There’s a known issue for Ledger Live bridge in Ubuntu 20.04, and there is some workaround in the link below.

Thanks for the Github link, fixed my issues with Ubuntu 20.

Any hope of reinstating support for a direct ledger connection from Metamask? My strongly preferred platform is a chromebook, and the Ledger Live bridge does not exist on that platform. :frowning:

Who can I contact if I’m still having issues connecting a hardware wallet to MetaMask? This has cost me tens of thousands of dollars…there seems to be zero support on either end.