Ledger Nano S import wallet to Metamask not exsit BUG

I have been using MM+ledger quite for some time and never had problems until 3 months ago. I tried to import more new ledger wallets into MM. My wallet #31 and #32 was imported through MEW/Legacy derivation path. I never re-checked if wallet exist or not because I never though that was even possible importing not exsisting wallet from ledger.
So what happened? I sent crypto to the 2 wallets. The time I want to send out from MM it gave errors. With many tries I gave up. I couldnt find what was wrong. So I deleted the wallets to plan to re-import them again. Only this time I couldnt find the wallets. Its not in MEW/ Legacy derivation path or Ledger live dervation path. So there was a hug bug in MM importing ledger wallets. After that day I didnt trust MM again so I bought a new Ledger transfer all crypto to the new ledger. After that I found there was indeed a bug about this years ago through google search. Now today I found my old ledger again. My crypto is still in those wallets I cannot find a way to get them.

Could this be a bug glitch so the wallets that are created sitting on a diffrent derivation path? I tried to send ETH there maybe ledger live software would noticed and pick that wallet address out, but no luck.

Hope someone can help me, its just a waste to see money sitting there.

The issue is same as 2.5 years ago. This bug was never fixed?

github… MetaMask/metamask-extension/issues/6012