Lost ETH from MetaMask

Hello, Dear Comunity.

Yesterday, coins were transferred from my wallet 0xa95510dd3da83a3d3225445b67ca05d8fad80e99 to this 0x0823beBa3f1F0CAad19Ce9e5724C4f5CE0a2Fb97 wallet without my participation. I use MetaMask

From My hacked wallet - 0xa95510dd3da83a3d3225445b67ca05d8fad80e99
To Next wallet - 0x659a4cebe412906281de50ddb6c2dee1a863a49b
And finish step - 0x0823beBa3f1F0CAad19Ce9e5724C4f5CE0a2Fb97

I am not using any third-party programs and wallets other than metamask. Pay attention to the number of transfers on this wallet at the moment, a large number of users are in danger.

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same happen to me and support not answer any query

same happen to me and I think to others as well. Welcome to the club of hacked customers of Metamask. I doubt that anyone will reply from their support team. Looks like it is some one inside Metamask doing hacking. Because I don’t know how it is possible to do transfers of all my different coins at the same time to different wallets in exact hour and minute.

Yep Same here… This is scary!

Same with me. My USDT went to a random wallet right after I swapped it on MetaMask. Something fishy is going on.

Same for me… the attacker adress was 0x9C4Ab5727C76563F8C386C3E78672b4F9CdBDE5B

he had more than 250k USD worth of coins when he stole me on june 4th

the guy keep going sweeping wallets within minutes… what can we do ?

Not the same adress for me


this is the adress my ETH got transfered without my authorization

Meta Mask nothing to do with that. Most users stay on a danger.

I wrote to Binance with a request to sort out and block the account from which the funds are transferred, but 2 days have passed and no response has been received from Binance so far.

Attacker with the same address (0x9C4Ab5727C76563F8C386C3E78672b4F9CdBDE5B) transfered coins from my wallet on June 8th. Looks like I won’t be using metamask ever again.

My coins went to different wallets. ETH gone to: 0x84e85bcf8aba8c6a1f59512f117dfaefc0f4efbc the other coins to different wallets but don’t understand how is is possible to do it in one second. Maybe aliens. But for sure need to avoid to place coins on Metamask.

Same thing happened to me on june 5th
my balance was stolen right after i transfered eth from niftygateway

Happened to me 2 hrs, lost a small pot of ETH to this address # 0x84e85bCf8abA8c6a1f59512F117DfAEfC0F4efBc & a big holding in telcoin… Have raised a ticket, but not sure what else i can do.

Definitely ditching MM

use a hardware wallet for now on, and keep your phrase away from screens and cameras. Also use 2nd authentification when you can.
But yeah, I’d really like to catcht this guy,… how comes he can continue as he will?

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I had the same hacking issue yesterday and seems like its the same address that hacked other accounts. I see couple other people have posted the same ether address above that hacked my account. 0x84e85bCf8abA8c6a1f59512F117DfAEfC0F4efBc. The person took my UNI and FORTH token at the same time. There is something going on and #Metamask is very quite. Seems like they know about this and not doing anything. I can’t use Metamask anymore. Will have to move my remaining tokens to some other wallet

same thing happen to me with this address about 4 days ago 0x3dc091d7a6b0cdBe02163D5b0bc72d6E527739A0

I lost all of my assets, all of my assets turn into BNB and transferred to this wallet(0x3dc091d7a6b0cdBe02163D5b0bc72d6E527739A0)

Definitely there is something with MetaMask because no one knows about my 12 phrase, no one access to my laptop then how it is possible?

This is my Wallet, you can check to see which asset converted and transferred to that wallet:


Hope you also logged a ticket with MM yet, not that I expect it to make much difference as i havent had a response from MM yet.

I am also logging a crime ref no in the UK

just a question to all who have had this hack happened… did you keep your 12 phrase on a computer/phone or did you write it down on paper?

Also, does anyone hacked use a hardware wallet?

I keeps my 12 phrase in my paper diary but never used hardware wallet. Strange that MM so quite during this very important complains. Seems that it them doing this kind of earnings but at the same time it is nonsense

Are the users using IE or Chrome ?? I am suspecting if it’s an IE issue with MM plugin or Chrome with MM plugin? When my tokens got lost, I was having a problem with Chrome and then used IE for some time and the next thing I know all my tokens were gone after an hour.

Do you guys have a similar experience?