Lost ETH from MetaMask

Same here! They cleared out everything using my metamask, Monday June 7 from 9pm to 11:30pm. Got into my google chrome account, and searched a few things on my profile, They got my girlfriends Ebay account, locked her out, and was trying to buy CPU’s and an oculus rift! They filled out the shipping to this place in DE that specializes in Russian shipping, name filled out in our ebay account was: Nail Bulatov, 314 Robinson Ln Apt 103998 Wilmington, DE! 19805-4673.

My funds are in this wallet now!

Fraud Wallet: 0x65fc6df3ff287caabd2f8f0c9986c99b086b7130

Same here. Was loading some Tether thru Etherium main net on to MetaMask to make a trade. Etherscan shows it went thru to the MetaMask public address but it’s not showing up in MetaMask or Coinify. I sincerely hope customer service is able to help.

My ETH was sent to same address!! I was on my computer too with Google Chrome. Thief! Let’s get him! There is clearly something wrong with MetaMask and they should be held responsible as well…

Did any of you guys download a crack for Windows Office called KMS activator?

Lost All my coins and ETH from my meta mask to this address 0x9C4Ab5727C76563F8C386C3E78672b4F9CdBDE5B

help i lost my ETH the moment i transferred to my metamask wallet

this is the transaction id: