Lost fund, eth gone to unknown address

Few days ago i send my ETH to Metamask from Tokocrypto, I send it to 2 batches first is about 0.xxxx eth and yes it does go in into my metamask wallet and i use it to withdraw my SLP for the gas fee. And then i sent ETH again to my metamask and i saw that my balance become 0 with no recent activity(latest activity is from the gas fee), After few minutes i want to send it to my bridge and i missed copy paste the address and ended up sending it into my wallet (this goes into the recent activty.) after that i see my balance become 0$ again and i go see my recent etherscan and it seems like my ETH has been send to unknown address without my confirmation, You can see it here in: etherscan io/address/0x515367362d928588ecc733b51f2eee8a62674f41
and his address recent etherscan activity here: etherscanio/address/0x8682683b7eb849c8fda99fe4da048d9474d072f2
it seems like many people who just use ronin bridge suddenly send their cryptocoin to this account.

PS: i cant insert any picture here because im in new account.
i have sent 2 tickets to admin support but still no further answer and the other one they almost close the ticket.
i did not click any link / phising except from ronin bridge

I want my money back.