Lost seedphrase and formatted PC

I lost my seedphrase that I stored in a physical note. Unfortunately Metamask was installed in a PC that was formatted overwriting Windows with Ubuntu.
Since I just formatted it few days ago, and used the PC just few times I want to try to restore lost Windows data.
Which is they best way to do it?
Thank you!

Solved thanks. Luckily I found the note.


Really glad to hear you found your SRP. Because of the way Linux writes its file system, they might not have been recoverable from the drive itself. (EXT3/4 over a FAT32 or NTFS drive is often a nightmare for data recovery)

This is the method I use to make a physical backup of my SRP. Keep it safe. I split the list into pieces and store them in separate physical locations. First rule of data: 1-2-3. More than 1 backup, in at least 2 physical locations, on three types of media (i use HW wallet, Washer backup, and laser printed paper in my safe deposit box)

I dont have a 3D printer, so I didnt make the little jig. But backing up on washers is cheap.

Hardware wallets are also a great additional layers of security (and they hold your SRP in another spot for you securely)

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