"Max" and "Next" button greyed out so can't proceed to enter amount and thus can't send funds - please help

i am also having the same issue what should i do now to fix this anyone please help me

I had the same issue and it was down to Multiple Displays. I moved my browser back to the main display and the max and next buttons were no longer grayed out.

Thanks for the suggestion - sadly didn’t fix for me, I’ve no multi displays going on.

I originally started this thread almost 2 weeks ago. I also took a support ticket at that time which was never responded to. I’m pretty surprised that this bug hasn’t been addressed or any comment left recognising it as a bug and some kind of assurance given that it is being looked into. Very disappointing. Pls help us! Thank you :+1:

Same issue here - tried resetting - didn’t work :frowning:

Bro! I am trying to send USDT from Meta Mask to my finance. Metamask is on etherium mainnet. I am facing the same issue. I just installed the app and I want to make sure everything is fine before I proceed. I wanna make sure these:

  1. I clicked usdt on metamask app and clicked send
  2. I copied USDT deposit address ERC 20 network and pasted it in metamask
  3. It shows me $14 fees

I wanna know, the fee should be in eth right?
Apart from this is everything fine?


Hi mod please help me out.

I think I am gonna have a cardiac arrest because of the stress on me currently.

I beg you plz