Metamask account suddenly gone! Can i still recover my funds?

Currently there is no option for a vault recovery tool on Android that I’m aware of.

Did you ever load your wallet on a PC?

Also you can check out this previous post:


Hello! I believe that resolving this issue should not be too complicated. One possible solution is to export your wallet addresses using iancoleman and search for your specific address. Once you have located your address, you can try using its private keys to send your coins.


My account, also went gone. Filled my seed phrase and a new address showed up.

Customer service could not help me. Waiting answer from MetaMask Institutional Support

Hey @Dimas1986 please make sure you went to the correct support at and click the blue Start a conversation button.

MetaMask Insititutional is not the correct support for this situation.


Just for info :slightly_smiling_face: the author of this :point_down: tool has updated it. It will now cover dramatically more paths.

So now use the command: npm install ethereum-cryptography :slightly_smiling_face: not old version 0.1.3
and the script is started with the command: node index.js

If someone tested it :grin:

PS: I recommend testing such tools on Linux with the Internet turned off :mobile_phone_off:
after installing the tool.

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I’m testing it right now with apachesub’s updated tool. Will post the results!

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