MetaMask changes the address

Hi I’m making this post to see if anyone else is having the same problem and if MetaMask solves it.

i was making a transacción from my MetaMask to my ronin Wallet and I choose the only contact that i have in MetaMask that is my ronin Wallet.
I click to confirm the transacción and the etherscan confirms the transacción and both addresses were ok.

The problem is that i don’t see the assets in my ronin wallet but the etherscan is all correct but when i Check the MetaMask activity MetaMask changes the address in the MetaMask activity so i really don’t know what is happening, did anyone had this problem?

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yes , i got it but the address on the etherscan are correct but on the activity in metamask there is a address change by metamask

this is contract that was in the activity on the metamask change the address


i think is someone internal of metamask because the only contact that i have in my metamask is my ronin account so i choose my ronin account and i can se my address but when i send the assets and check the metamask activity i see my metamask address and this address 0x2c51b570b11da6c0852aadd059402e390a936b39 and when i see the etherscan history my two address are there so how can you explain that. and other thing my metamask was remove from my pc and i had to install it again and now i cant see the activity , i got a lots of prints of the activity and every thing but i think metamask is doing something .

What do you mean restoring the wallet? Does this mean deleting the metamask extension and putting your seed phrase again?

it appear like this ( metamask add it remotly ) when i saw that i toke out the metamask and installet again by the metamask web page , the problem is that i had to take out the metamask because it appears a mesage that says ( metamask is add it remotly ) that was so extrange , and no i cant check that transaction on my pc but when i check it on my phone booth address are ok on the activity but i have the activity print on the pc and there is this address 0x2c51b570b11da6c0852aadd059402e390a936b39 so i really dont know what is metamask doing , and they are not answering.

yes i did and i put the 12 words and every thing but now i cant check the activity on the metamask on my pc . im really confuse , and if it was hacking , they already would took all that i had on the wallet .

sorry yes , 0xf443c2cc5f45e9c4587500fef04cf8cda6c1f21508b06c5d23b51f9d09174595