Metamask Corrupted, No SPR, Have Password, Found Vault Info, Need Help

Hey everyone,

I’ve been an active MetaMask user for a few years now. Most of my crypto funds are on a ledger and I have SPR. However, I got a new computer and stupidly just setup a hot wallet without saving the SPR.

Two days ago, my computer restarted and I had a disc cleanup screen popup. Later that day, I went to login to my MetaMask on Firefox and have this issue:

Clicking restart MetaMask unfortunately does not resolve the issue.

After doing some research, I found a topic on here where Luigi responded with how to find my vault and decode it using Ubuntu.

I was able to successfully find my vault, decoded it using Ubuntu, and got all my data information. It looks good to me.

I also confirmed this is the right vault, the folder was created when I created this hot wallet, and when I inspect the vault, I see all sorts of urls that I have connected MetaMask with.

However, when I used MetaMask vault decoder and enter my password, I get an invalid password response.

I am 100% certain this is the correct password. I have tried the vault data with and without /.

Not sure where to go from here. Is there anyway I’m doing something wrong, or need to change something?

Willing to pay a data recovery specialist if they will be able to help me.

Some additional context, whenever I try to use the Chrome debugger to pull the vault info and confirm it’s accurate, I run into this error: “Uncaught Error: LavaMoat - property “chrome” of globalThis is inaccessible under scuttling mode. To learn more visit /LavaMoat/LavaMoat/pull/360.”

Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me. Will definitely tip handsomely if someone can help me resolve this.

Hi @captainnft420 I’m glad that my guide helped you :smiley: find vault data.

If you want :slightly_smiling_face: write to me on my telegram.
You can find it in my profile :smile: I’ll just have dinner and write you back.


Thank you, the guide was super helpful. Was my first time using Ubuntu, felt like a programmer for a second lol.

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Hey guys,

So this is where I am at:

  • Mates computer browser extension crashed… , I tried a few times … no luck…

I wasn’t familiar with MM so much at this stage so I proceeded to remove the extension and re-install…

Obviously this would have been ok at this stage if I went through the recovery steps and retrieved his 15 word secret phrase…

Then I thought I would add a create a new fresh wallet following the prompts.

So, If I was to go through the recovery process I would only find the 15 word secret phrase of the newly created wallet?

Is there anywhere the browser keeps logs of the previous extension data?

by the way, I do know the password for the original wallet…

@auslad man :see_no_evil: you lost old MetaMask data by reinstallation…


Like @Luigi mentioned, the recovery process would only find the phrase of the new wallet.

Was MetaMask downloaded on any other device?


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