Metamask mobile app Browser issue: Pending Transaction pop-up not disappearing and causing issues

MM version: latest playstore update (funnily, can’t click about Metamask in settings bc it falls into the bottom quarter of the page, part of this issue is it doesn’t register a click on anything that low on a page)
Type of Phone: Samsung Galaxy s7
Phone OS: Android 8.0
Yea so as you can see in the picture, I have this pending transaction Pop up that isn’t popping up or going away. It’s on the mobile app. It’s on all networks. I can only see it there on browser (so not when I’m looking at my wallet).

I thought I could deal with it but it has one other negative side effect. It won’t let me click on anything that’s below the blue dotted line. That area of the screen becomes totally unaccessible. So when there’s a button there that I need to click, and I can’t scroll it up any further, I can’t do it on the mobile app.
This also applies to every page in the mobile app. So in the wallet Page, I can’t click the +Add Tokens link. It’s just won’t register.

Anyone else have this problem or an idea to fix it? My last resort will be to uninstall and reinstall but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.

I should also mention, I am able to complete other transactions. This isn’t a nonce thing. It’s just an app bug/glitch.