Mnemonic word leaked, could keep the wallet address, in a set of word mnemonic

I lost my wallet mnemonic word leaked, some money, but I also want to use this wallet, because in the web. 3, wallet address is their identity, if the wallet, I used to do many tasks, all white, so, could you allow after the mnemonic word leaked, under the condition of retain the original wallet address, again in a set of word mnemonic, thank you.

Sorry to hear this, the wallet is no longer safe after the mnemonic word leaked, please withdraw all your tokens and NFTs. If there is airdrop in the future, you can withdraw it as soon as possible.
mnemonic word cannot be reset. For example, if it can be modified, what if the mnemonic word of two people is changed to the same?

Here are two articles about mnemonic words for your reference


Hey @bibotch, after your mnemonic words are leaked, the wallet address still stays the same. However, you should not use this wallet address anymore because it is no longer safe. It is best to create a new wallet with new mnemonic words

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