My MetaMask Wallat has been hacked. How do i start new wallet?

A hacker stole 4 eth. I have some other tokens still in my wallet. How do i delete this current metamasks wallet and create a new one? How do i keep the tokens still in my wallet without deleting them?


Good question. I’m having wallet problems as well, however, I have nothing stolen, it’s stuck or frozen with pending Transactions.

Hope one of the pros help you.

Hey @michaelmetamask, sorry to hear this happened to you. You are able to create a new MetaMask wallet with a new Secret Recovery Phrase, but you cannot delete your current wallet, as all data on the blockchain is permanently stored.

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you have my condolences also. I’m a newbie, so here goes nothing: why not do as you say, create a new MetaMask wallet and transfer your coins from wallet #1 to wallet #2 ? If that’s not possible, can you swap your coins on 1inch for Eth and then sell the Eth for fiat, (e.g. on LocalCryptos) with a request for the funds to come to you by bank transfer. ?

@michaelmetamask , don’t click any of the links above from @boston83 , it’s a scam .

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