I have 0.165453414966688631 BNB ($51.20) on my metamask acc. Then all of a sudden it went 0. There’s an unknown transaction on my account.

My account: 0x0580eeb9c7de578bf13619a7281c99d607f6be4d
Recepient’s account: 0x8989fc98ef86da6bd221027c91fac94277add039

I didn’t do this transaction. Please help!

Same thing happened to me. I transferred another BNB amount in my metamask then suddenly it disappeared also. I traced both transactions and it was transferred to the same address. How come!!! I did not do any transaction… I lost a lot of money!!! Omg somebody help us :frowning:

Maybe you downloaded a playstore fake pancake swap?

i did it online not mobile bruh

I also had the same situation. I used the SWAP function in Metamask online. Swapped my ETH in BSC to BNB. Transaction was successful and I saw the BNB. When I woke up in the morning, my BNB was gone.

There was an unknown transaction that transferred all of my BNB. Metamask wallet does not show any activity of that transfer. I did not authorize it nor my Metamask dashboard show any transfer activity.

Hoping that someone can help us.

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