My MM wallet is hacked and i lost 0.05eth

I am a veteran user others wallets. Today is my first day to use your wallet and it has been hacked and I lost 0.05 eth. I promised that I wrote down the phrases on the paper and keep it very safely as my other wallets’. So I think you should take responsibility for this.
So what is your opinion on this?


Yep, same here. I only did two transactions, a day apart. Haven’t had any problems on any other wallets.

Certainly, the MM wallet should be responsible for my lost of 0.05eth. If you mm wallet refuse to my rational appeal above, I retain the right to pursue legal actions and will let more and more people know your poor network security wallet even accessory of hackers very likely through reddit, twitter, youtube, facebook, telegram, discord and our own investors online community.

my MM wallet address:
and the hacker’s address:

hi bro, how much coin have you been hacked from this poor MM wallet?

Below comments is from another victim user of your poor MM wallet recently from reddit:

Metamask hacked… how do I change collection to new wallet?


So, last night someone stole all my tokens (no I didn’t give out my seed phrase anywhere, I’m on a Mac with no known viruses… Metamask just sucks).

So needless to say I have a new wallet now, but my collection is associated with the old wallet. Obviously I can’t accept sales to that are connected to that wallet.

Please help, I have an offer that I cannot accept right now…