My wallet is drained. Help!

Hi Metamask Support. There were transactions that occurred very early on July 17th that was NOT made by me. These transactions occurred without my knowledge or approval. These transactions were successful according to etherscan and bscscan. The transactions went to a number of different wallet addresses. Is it possible to recover any of my funds?
The following tokens/coin affected:

Shib (LP, staked) on Shibaswap on July 6th
Leash (staked) on shibaswap on July 6th
Bone (staked) on shibaswap on July 6th

I tried to include additional information about wallet address but it seemed that I couldn’t.

I can provide further info just let me know what you need.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hello, did you have your wallet logged in anywhere aside your mobile ? Maybe your laptop or ipad?

I also experienced this a while ago. I transferred from binance to my metamask account and after it said “transaction success” i still wasnt able to see the funds deposited reflect on metamask. As I was reloading the website, there came the next transaction, a minute after my funds got into my wallet, there was another transaction that withdrew my funds and got transferred to 0x9a7ee3653db3ea418411ee3c24a0c06202048e8a. Is that transaction reversible? I kinda used my savings as an investment for axie and this will be my first experience.

I hope this can be fixed and reversed.
I would also suggest a double authentication for metamask wallet like in binance, wherein there will be codes requested sent to both email and mobile numbers to continue with the transactions.

Thanks for the help that you might give!


Yes, I had metamask connected via firefox extension as well.

Same here, please help. Successful transaction that I am not aware of and my wallet got drained too. I am the only one who knows my login. My metamask are log in on 3 of my device. please help.
Please see the transaction below, I need your help to reinvert the transaction.

BMON Token

successful transaction was sent here
12 hrs 18 mins ago (Jul-19-2021 11:18:51 AM +UTC)


Any updates on this?

Hello MetaMask,

Can someone provide an update on this?

Please provide your wallet address. On etherscan it shows zero ?

This is my wallet address 0x05bda7d2065f171baa3ee7b400c1d3958bb6706a

Yes, etherscan show zero.

Shows a transaction still went on 45 minutes ago. Did you do that ?

No, that was not me.But I did notice that $4 USD was transferred into the account.

can you also help me,

this is my wallet address

transaction of 540 BMON, as in all of my bmon was transfer w/o my permission.

*this is the transaction that I am not aware of.
successful transaction was sent here
12 hrs 18 mins ago (Jul-19-2021 11:18:51 AM +UTC)

Hi, can you provide an update?

Please open a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.