NFT Blind signing and hot and cold wallet

Several questions:

  1. So right now I have my MM and ledger connected, but on ledger live the same wallet doesn’t show up, why is that? Instead, it shows me my original ledger eth address. But on MM its always a new address I’ve never seen before.

  2. I heard you should you hot and cold wallets. So for example if I made a MM and made 3 accounts with different eth address to it, if I were to mint on a website and got rugged, would only that one account be effected or all three?

  3. So right now I’m trying to send a NFT from my ledger to another address and it ask me to sign. It presents the following: “Domain hash (OR Message hash) (1/4) 0x5D7539-etc, etc…”

How do I know if its legit? Because before NFTs, If I wanted to send some erc-20 tokens to another address it would ask me to sign and confirm the address that I’m sending to so I know if it’s legit or not. With this situation I have no reference point because I don’t know what that domain hash is and what that " 0x5D7539-etc" is.

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Hey @kz1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

  1. Try these steps to solve the issue of the address not showing up on MM:
  1. If you were to get rugged from a mint on a website, only that one account would be affected.

  2. Does only the hash show up when sending NFTs on your device? Does the address not show up when you scroll through past the hash? If not, this would be a good suggestion for the Ledger team to add.

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