Odd Transfer out of my Account

Hi Everyone!

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this for me?

Recently joined the crypto world. Created a MM account, sent some test eth, all is fine. Had a family member send some BNB, then add some ether from Binance to my account. Added BSC to MM, then used Binance bridge to convert it from BSC to Ethereum Mainnet.

All went fine. Eth was showing ( around $700 worth ). 12 Hours later it was transferred out.

As an I.T senior expert and a field I work in, I know what’s safe, links, all the don’t do’s . I followed this extremely strictly. However, this has happened. The odd thing I find is, the account that the ETH was sent to, that’s the only thing on that account. The only activity, the only thing that account has ever done.

I have had a look on forums, other sites, and checked out addresses of scammers and accounts where stolen funds go, they are active, and have many in and out transactions. Not this one, this account has that one sole transaction, and the ETH is just still there.

My question is, could it be some holding account? Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

To answer a few possible questions, No I don’t have a Ledger yet unfortunately. All my software is licensed, no cracked software, no extensions downloaded from not original sites, passwords, seeds, all the juicy stuff encrypted, and removed off pc onto flash drive, when I need a password I fire up an old laptop not connected to the net to retrieve the passwords. Essentially a clean OS ( Windows 10 ) using Brave Browser.