Please HELP! Transaction pending for 3 whole account is frozen!

Hello guys…I wonder and appreciate if anyone can help.

I tried to make a transaction to buy some NFT land for $800 3 days ago…and it is basically pending since then…

In the meantime, I tried several suggestions.

  1. Sent myself 0 eth from my trust wallet with the same nonce setting as the pending transaction.
  2. Reset my wallet in advanced setings.

None of them have cleared or stopped the transaction…and as a bonus , I now cannot make any purchases, swap or withdraw anything from my account?

All my assets are still there so I don’t think I’ve been hacked…but I am really at a loss what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I think thats the original one…theres not about 20 after that all pending! But yeah, i think thats the original…it’s been 4 days now

that link does not seem to work

Yeah, I’ve done that too

This think isn’t going to ask me for my recovery phrase is it!

I did reset my wallet but that did not change anything

I don’t think so ? But I’m not quite so sure or not?

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This link does not work?

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@simonp Kindly not use stupid pages :grin: user Masked5 is scammer