Preferred Ledger Connection Type

Hello Guys
I have big problem. I have connected my MM with the Ledger. Until now claiming, Staking etc. has always worked. Now I have set in MM in the settings → Advanced settings from “WEB HID” to “LedgerLive”. Since then I can no longer claim or add. I get on the ledger no request to confirm and the transaction is in the queue. Can you help me please?
Thank you

Hello and welcome to MetaMask community @homey :slight_smile:
As far as I know WebHID is the preferred Ledger connection type so maybe you should switch back to it and see if you can then confirm transactions.

You can also check this article for more information:


Thank you Urban.Moods :slight_smile:

I had to install the wallet in a new browser. now it works again.
Thank you for your reply



Sure thing, you’re welcome! And thank you for taking the time and letting us know you were able to fix it.
Have a good one.