Recoverd ok, but where is the accounts?

I had to recover my wallet, I did everything right with the use of the seed phrases, but the accounts and balances didn’t show up … just the ones I imported with a private key, what could have happened? thanks

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There’s a few different reasons that can happen:

  1. Were your assets on a different blockchain that you need to add as a custom network? (ie. Polygon or Binance Smart Chain).
  2. Were you using a hardware wallet and need to connect the hardware wallet accounts again?
  3. If you add an account, do the accounts that get added have what you’re looking for?
  4. Are you sure you entered the words of your seed phrase (secret recovery phrase) in the right order? Sometimes people write their words in columns, then read the words in the wrong order. Entering valid words in the wrong order will import a completely different wallet.

I have a problem after reinstall metamask wallet
Put in the write phrase and imported old accounts back.
All different new address.
Lost 4k in coins.
Hope help desk is looking in to this.
Many people have the problem since one week.

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