Recovered account with seed phrase but an important address is missing


I changed my computer and added my seed phrase into MetaMask and one of my address isn’t there (I created + 15 accounts to see if it appears)

The address missing has been created with this seed (not imported) and has a positive ETH balance on mainnet (but a few accounts were created before and dont have ETH on mainnet)

How can I recover the fund on this address ? I did everything right, but still lost my money ? That’s a substantial amount …

Thank you for reading


Hi @buba1 , welcome to MetaMask community.

I think you’ve done just the right thing (but maybe someone may have an idea of how to resolve that)

Also, please make sure your MetaMask is updated to the latest version.

If the issue persists, please reach out to MetaMask Support.

Visit : 5

Click the large blue “start a conversation”


Thank you for your answer, I tried the chat but no solution was found.

Hi! Do you still have the access to your old computer?


Hi, unfortunately no :frowning:

Hi @buba1

My advice is to double-check your SRP, just make sure the words you have entered are correct and you have correct spelling.

Also, in this article you will find a github link where you can double check the spelling of the words

!!You do not need to enter the seed phrase there; just take each word and check its spelling, to see if you wrote it down correctly. No capital letters. And then uninstall the MetaMask app and try to login again.


Thank you Urban, I will try this when I’m back at home but the SRP has to be good, because it found my other adresses

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