Replacement account Glitch?

We had an issue with Eher doing the “Gold” warning not knowing this was happening. Resulting in Ether and tokens disappearing from original MM account. We can see it in Etherscan on this account #. However, in dealing with helpdesk, they created a new account using the seed phrase and password for the original account. Now we can’t access the original account on MM. We tried the vault restore but it seems to have created another new address when we tried it. Ideas? We don’t have the private key because we were new at this when we set it up. Thanks

Hello, @Cowgirl ! Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, MetaMask is a non custodial wallet so we don’t store any of the user’s information on our end. When you created a new account, you most likely override the information. Did you use your MetaMask in another device where you can try again the vault decryptor option?