Same account appears twice in account selector

I’m seeing an account show up twice in the selector drop-down. It’s a nuisance issue (not a functional issue). And yeah, I verified it is the same address on both selections, lol. In fact, when I select one, they both show up as selected.
I couldn’t fit both accounts in a single scroll of drop-down; so I took 2 screen shots. Looks like I can only post 1 image, so I photoshopped them together :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the MetaMask community @Blursday!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Thank you for reporting this. Can you you please share what device and OS you’re using?

Please try resetting your wallet and let us know if this resolves the issue. Please note that resetting your wallet will remove your transaction history, but should not alter your wallet otherwise.

Hey! Thanks for following up and the warm welcome!
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Brave

I just tried resetting my account, and it did not eliminate the redundant wallet “Account 3”.

Oh, some additional background that may or may not be relevant. The redundant “Account 3” first appeared when I attempted to Create Account while Account 3 was active. Upon Completion of the request, no additional wallet was created, but Account 3 now shows up twice.
(subsequent attempt to create account successfully created a new wallet, but still shows two Account 3’s in the dropdown)

Thank you for this information and thank you for attempting the wallet reset.

I’m afraid the only way to resolve the issue will be to uninstall and reinstall your wallet. First, securely save and store your seed phrase and any private keys you’ve imported to your wallet.

Uninstall and reinstall the extension found here.

Once you restore your wallet with your seed phrase, you can add back any settings, private keys, custom tokens, etc. that you previously had.

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