Same seed but different main address

Hi please help . I restore my account but now it generates different address . I tried to create plenty account hoping it will show up again but it didn’t . Now i lost all my asset amg the game that connected on it . Please help

Original ethereum address attached to account 1 is different after carrying out account recovery by seedphrase? Lost access to my original address and token balances now showing 0

The problem os it changes my main address . Now i cant find where all my asset are . Please help i already have so much connected games on it . Defipet, crypto blade . I dont what to lose all my asset there . Simply because my address was change . I didn’t even know what happen . I just backup my wallet for my phrase . Then when i comnect it again . Its gone . Its different . Please help me . I dont what to lose my asset .

This was suppose to be my add 0x30cd0A5b912fdbAa33Ff8f7874565d1A3188c304

But now its different . Thats why i can connect it to defipet and cryptobalde .

My seed phrase is correct . I know . I just retraced it here in my notebook . There’s no reason that its a different wallet . Please help metamask sir . I really need my asset . Please please please .


Currently having this problem and still no response.

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Yes, same issue. This happened on Nov. 13th and still no official answer from metamask support.

The forms are all showing to go into the metamask vault and retreive the phrase from there, but it’s giving me the same seed phrase that I had originally which means the phrase is correct.

There is no way I can get access to the private key because it’s giving me the wrong address.

This is getting out of hand, I want the 10 ETH reward now, or someone from support brings back my original wallet address.

I’m starting to think of writing negative reviews on all their social media platforms since there is no correct way or proper support person to solve this issue.

What’s the point of having a secret phrase if it won’t work!!!

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