Scammed on telegram

I went on telegram to get a code. The telegram administrator gave me a site to go . Asked to connect to wallet. There was an error in connecting. I hit connect manually. I put in phrase and now all my holdings are gone. DO I have any recourse.
Site was.

Oh Chirojan,

I am so sorry to read this and sorry this happened to you. You never want to enter your seed phrase when connecting to a website. I can’t speak on if you have recourse or not; but I think if there was a chance (which again, I do not know) it would be finding the person behind the account.

Please see below post if you think you’ve been scammed. You will first be connected to a bot but ask you click through answers, you will get to a live person. It is best you stop using the wallet all together that has been compromised.


Thanks again Kbee
Hopefully in the future we will meet under more positive circumstances.
Expensive lesson
Metamax says i should report this to law enforcement. Any idea where to go to do that?

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@chirojan ,

Here is something from our Knowledge Base that shares some places depending on your country.

@chirojan ,

In addition to above, wanted to share that if you decide to start back up a new wallet we could share with you some more security related tips and articles that may help. Again, I am really sorry this happened to you.

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I started a new MEtamask wallet but I have been gun shy to fund it. Hopefully this experience will fortify what NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRET Phrase really means.
I would like to read more security tips.
Thanks again

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Hi @chirojan ,

Here are some good articles to start with at the bottom of this thread. Poking around Knowledge Base is a great resource.
Things to keep in mind, you should never have to provide your secret recovery phrase to anyone, including support. A website will not ask you for your secret recovery phrase and any pop ups that look like they’re from extension are scams. I would even go as far as to say do not screenshare with someone ever, because they can get you to a page where they can see a QR code that reveals your secret recovery phrase.
You want to be careful when signing approvals for contracts you’re interacting with to also confirm they’re legit and you’re not approving the contract to withdrawal your funds.

If something seems phishy, go with your gut and ask before moving forward.

Consider a hardware wallet too. If you have anything in a wallet you don’t want to lose, this is a great set (and highly recommended) of extra keys to have. If you get a hardware wallet, I’d recommend directly ordering from the actual wallet company and not a 3rd party distributor, this is another way that scams could potentially happen. Two names that come to mind are Trezor or Ledger. You want to review hardware wallets to confirm they hold the tokens you have, there are lists on their sites, I’ve also included an article from Knowledge Base below RE: hardware wallets.

(please note that revoking permissions isn’t always a sure fire safe way that a contract can’t interact with your wallet but it is good practice to follow).

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Hey Chirojan,

There are some of the same but a couple of more articles I wanted to share.

Also - in addition to never entering your secret recovery in Telegram or any site, remember to never enter it anywhere or give it to anyone, this includes responding to emails or texts (all scams, even if claiming to be MetaMask). Once you’ve already logged in, you won’t get asked for your secret recovery phrase again, even in a pop-up from a site. If you see this, do not input. And never share with anyone who asks for it.