Seed phrase created a new wallet

My laptop crashed and was sent off for repairs. When I got it back I input the recovery phrase and have been given a new account instead of my old one. The assets I had in the wallet gone (I can see them on etherscan under my old address).

I have reached out to support via chat, one confirmed that the new address was a newly created wallet. I am pretty sure I can verify that my secret phrase is 4 years old if I need to. I have the sequence of actions on my part that may help someone at MM understand what has happened but I need staff to reach out and engage with me.


Have you read through this article? There are a number of things that could be happening.

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Hi @oxygensource.

I was in the same situation. Just posted a guide if it can be helpful.

When you recorded it 4 years ago, did you try to use them for wallet recovery to verify that it was recorded correctly?


@oxygensource do you have those words numbered? 1,2… 12 :crazy_face:

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