Send RUNE out of Metamask account

I have RUNE in my wallet and I can see it but it’s not letting me send it back to my Crypto .com wallet where i sent it from??

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hi @user3445 .welcome to MetaMask community.
Make sure the chain you want to send to Crypto is the same one you are currently using.
In addition, you also need the gas token to send.


Hi, thank you for your repose.

Can you explain it more as i’m not that tech. I want to send it back to crypto .com. So do i need cros in my wallet? and what do you mean by chain?

Hi @user3445 chain = network on which you have the RUNE token.

You are using Cronos network?

Just for example :point_up_2: Transaction Fee on cronos network is 0.891… CRO ($0.05)


i think so, i’ll try again. what token do i need for gas?

Yeah :grinning: you need Cronos (CRO) in your MetaMask wallet :fox_face:


ok, so I’ve added CROS to my wallet and when I’m in my RUNE wallet and press SEND it says

Send to Cronos
And only showing my CRO balance

There is a Contact at the bottom that says Thorchain.

I’m struggling here sorry

@user3445 Now I’m in chaos :crazy_face: if you want, you can write me on my telegram nick.

You can find it in my profile or if you click on my avatar:

Or write your ETH address in your profile :point_down: for moment :slightly_smiling_face: and we’ll check it out.

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