Sent Link directly from Matic Network instead of transferring to Etherium network

Hi. I’ve done something incredibly dumb and sent LINK from Matic network directly to my wallet instead of transferring to etherium network first.

I have the transaction info - is there anything i can do to reverse the transaction or regain control of my link? Thank you!!!

Hi @Kcab9

You could add the Matic network as custom RPC network in your MetaMask installation to be able to interact with the LINK tokens.

Try to follow this link:

Use these for network details:

Network Name : Matic Network
Chain Id : 137
Currency Symbol : MATIC
Block explorer :

After adding the Matic Network to MetaMask, you have 2 options:

  • either you send it back to where the funds came from, then redo the transaction using the correct network.
  • either you use the ETH-Matic bridge (so you keep the funds in the same public address, but move the funds between networks) :

Hi Andrei,

I’ve done this but I don’t see the funds - how do i see them in order to send them back?

Not seeing in ETH-Matic bridge.

Thank you!

I think this could help : Guide to using the Matic Bridge to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon (Matic Network) | by Stakingbits | Stakingbits | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Thanks for trying, but that’s actually what I should have/would have done in the first place if Matic/Metamask had any kind of warning in place about the pitfalls of using their “send” function - sent to Celsius and the coins are just gone. Celsius won’t allow access to my private key so there’s no way to recover unless one of the entities steps in to help. Obviously you should always send a small amount and research each move, but I thought I knew my way around the network having done so many transactions via Quickswap. It’s terrifying, would never recommend, nor will I be using Matic network or Celsius again for this reason - too easy to make an awful mistake.

I have same problem. You sent Link from wrong network. Also I sent some ETH from Avalanche mainnet to Binance. I lost my ETH’s. Binance and metamask support team did not support me!!!