Stock with nft mint pending

That means the transaction fee is still too low. It has to be high enough that miners will accept it. to get a sense of current transaction fees. They change based on network congestion.

Another approach might be to switch which network you’re trying to mint them on.
For example on - you can use the polygon L2 solution to mint for free.

When creating a new collection or piece, near the bottom is the “Blockchain” dropdown.
Choose polygon, and you wont have minting fees.


is better to try and restart the wallet? because the orders are not working good…


The wallet exists separately from the blockchain transactions.

Resetting your wallet wont affect the pending transactions, because they are already in the Ethereum cloud.

MetaMask is really just a way to access your accounts on the blockchain.


pfff…so…what should i do…because im stuck and can use my wallet for mint or buy or sell…nothing…


The previous transactions will need to either succeed or fail.

They should fail eventually, but that requires more transactions coming into the pool than it can hold, which would bump yours out. With where you set fees, this will probably be the cheaper, but slower option.

Other option is to increase the transaction fee, or replace the transaction (with the same nonce as the oldest pending transaction) with one that has enough transaction fees to succeed. This will get the pending transactions clear, but will cost more ether in transaction fees.

Sorry the article wasn’t clear enough on how to determine an appropriate transaction fee. It was written with the assumption of using the fee suggested by Metamask. I’m working with the technical writers to make that more clear.


so i have to wait…to see if they are gonna fail or succeed. thank you. i come tomorow and write