Storage limit issue

[Link to GitHub]

github dot com/MetaMask/metamask-mobile/issues/2100

I am experiencing exactly the same issue as described in this GitHub link. I tried to reply on GitHub but my account is new and limited. I am running iOS and latest version of MetaMask 3.1.0, suddenly it won’t launch at all after biometric and password verification. Attached is screenshot.

I guess, the “solution” is to reinstall app and retrieve an account which, one thing would mean all my token addresses, RPC’s and browsing history are lost, but one thing I am not sure of is:

I made several accounts that I also used, I don’t even have public addresses of those accounts saved anywhere. I know I can retrieve main account (it is also one I am logged in in my laptop browser extension) but what about the other 4 or 5? Will they automatically be retrieved once I restore using my 12 word seed phrase?


No links, no photos smh