Successful transaction but coin value has 6 zeros in front of the balance?

@hollywoodscoob @webbiz12 I’m glad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



my dear friends thank you so mach for answering

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almost the same thing happened to me, I bought the ErC20 token, I bought a large amount, and now that I want to convert, the value is not giving correctly, I have confirmation on ETHERSCAN, transaction, amount, and the value of that amount… and when I convert to USDT, the value that appears… DOES NOT MATCH WHAT’S IN THE METAMASK WALLET

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Same issue here, please team advice where is the issue.

I have transferred ETH to Metamask. Everywhere it is confirmed, Binance, Metamask, Etherscan, just not added to the Metamask and neither in Uniswap as sometimes it does not show in Metamsk but it is there and you can make a transaction. In that case, I have no clue where the funds get stuck.

Would like to use it as before, but I’m afraid to send there another fund to it will arrive.

Otherwise many and many transactions without issue and really appreciate METAMASK!

Hey @Johnaaak, please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: