Swap not working

Need help. Not able to send my coins off metamask wallet. Not able to swap. I keep getting error message that unable to fetch quotes. But i have more than enough eth.

I am still waiting for a substantive response from metamask support.

I already updated mm mobil app to the most current version. I already “reset account” and transaction history has cleared. Issues still remain.

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@Nalo09 I answered your Twitter post. Please refer to Error fetching quote – MetaMask (zendesk.com) or open a support ticket at Submit a request – MetaMask (zendesk.com)

Thank you,

Well if liquidity was the issue why am i not able to send my coins elsewhere. Liquidity wouldn’t pose an issue to send coins elsewhere. Getting frustrated with this whole thing. Have had this issue for over a week now.

Thank you for taking the time to respond

My pleasure! Please feel free to open a ticket with more details so I can take a look.
Please specify which tokens you are trying to send / swap.
Thank you,

Hello, yes I have open tickets pending (216272) and (213441).

I attempted to swap the most basic of tokens, USDC to ETH. I have more than enough ETH to cover transaction fee. I have also attempted to send my tokens OFF metamask wallet and it wont function.