Tokens disappeared from my account

I recieved 2,0419 ETH on my Etherum Main Network account on Jul 30 at 1:09 am from Ox56Ed…b17F (Nonce #602722).
I recieved 0,0044 ETH on my Etherum Main Network account on Jul 30 at 12:58 am from Ox56Ed…b17F (Nonce #625066)
So I recieved alltogether 2,0463 ETH on Jul 30 2021 and this was my ballance.
I sent ETH 0,007 to my Binance account from my account on Aug 1 at 7:25 (test paiment, succesful).
After this on 4th August I could see only 0,01945 ETH ballance of my account, the rest amount (2,0463-0,007-0,01945)=2,01985 ETH has disappeared.
My public key is 0xee6CE13bcc58FE6F8047d2966f7172A87112A5B4

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Somebody commented, thet this should be a scam?

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Sorry dude, but your ETH was automatically forwarded out of your wallet by a smart contract via some sort of scam app or website.

You can see the two transactions that happened almost straight after you transferred it in, and reading the comments on the address it went to you’re not the only one:

It sounds like it could be related to the POLVEN crypto token?

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately you should be absolutely right. It was an arbitrage deal I went to according to the advise(advertisement) I have seen in Youtube/Altcoin daily. I was to greedy, it was an expencive lesson to me. Interesting, that I have seen appr. 3-4 days the assets in my Metamask account and only after it they disappeared.

Iain Ward via MetaMask <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. okt. 8., Pén 8:24):

This is the public address of my Metask wallet:

On October 17, 10:10 p.m.
0.15 Ethereum and 3820.5 UNQT tokens have disappeared from my wallet.
Please follow to return it to my wallet.
Thank you

Sorry, but I haven’t recieved any coins from anybody, there are no assets in my wallet.