Transaction failed in metamask but balance 0

When trying to deposit CCAR in my cryptocars wallet, the transaction failed, but the balance in the metamask was 0 and was not transferred, in BSCSCAN the transaction appears as success. Please help me.


Were you submitting many different transactions in rapid succession when this happened? There was a bug related to this, which unfortunately requires that you use the “RESET ACCOUNT” feature. It will wipe out your transaction history I’m afraid, but you won’t need to re-enter your secret recovery phrase.

You can find that option in Settings → Advanced → Reset Account.


No, this was my first transaction, then I made a few more with the low values ​​as a test and it worked. Resetting the account, what will happen? Will the balance return?
What scares me is the transaction as a success on BSCSCAN.


Hey @paralaxe, here is some more information about resetting your account on your Knowledge Base: