Transactions Stuck on Local Blockchain Generating Transaction Underpriced Error

I have been performing some tests using truffle (i.e. “truffle test” command), some of which have failed. Now, I cannot used any of my accounts in Metamask to do any type of transactions, including a simple transaction of sending any token on any blockchain, receiving a “transaction underpriced” error. I have tried to reset my accounts but without success. I couldn’t have used any block explorer to see any of the transactions stuck since these tests were all done on a local Ganache blockchain (the Ganache environment was moreover restarted since then and thus I cannot resend a new transaction with the same nonce). How can I fix this?

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I don’t think your Truffle tests failing are related to any issues with your MetaMask, unless your MetaMask accounts are from Ganache?

For the transaction underpriced error, try increasing your gas. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Thank you @nakedwinnie Unfortunately, I have tried increasing the gas multiple times, and once to the point of receiving a warning stating that the amount was too high (but tried nevertheless), but without success. I have also tried every other solutions suggested out there, such as sending the account a zero amount transaction, or resetting the account.

Try restarting the computer

There are only two ways to solve this situation. When restarting the computer is invalid, please import your private key into other wallets, such as tokenpocket, and then operate in the tokenpocket wallet. The operation will be no problem. Finally, restart your computer and reuse your metamask. I have encountered the same situation.

Have you also increased the priority fee?

Thank you @Tksly Restarting the computer did not help. I will try importing the private key in another wallet.

Thank you @nakedwinnie Yes, I had tried this as well.

I hope you have a good result

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