Transfering funds and cancelling trouble

Hello MetaMask Community,

So I’m a bit if a noob with MetaMask and with crypto as a whole. I transferred funds (USDT) from my Kucoin main account, on the KCC Mainnet network, and was able to receive them; however, the icon next to the USDT in my wallet doesn’t look like the normal USDT icon I’m used to. I would like to either move them back to Kucoin and swap out the token for something or move them over to my Binance account. I attempted to do a small transfer to see if I could transfer some funds back but it’s staying in a perpetual “pending” cycle. So 1. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong and if I possibly transferred them incorrectly to begin with and how to go about transferring them back? and 2. How do I cancel the “pending” transfer as it’s asking me about gas fee’s and not letting me zero them out or even move forward at all?

Thanks in advance guys.

Why would I do that? I appreciate if you are trying to help but it sounds offly fishy to me. Smells like a scam. I’ll just await a reply in this thread.