Transferred 2 BNB to Eth Mainnet instead of BNB Smart chain

Bridges have not worked. It seems these 2 BNB tokens are valueless unless unless I can get them off the ETH Mainnet. Any help? I transferred some ETH to BNB smartchain for gas fees but nothing seems to cover this specific issue. Pretty frustrated as this is my fault and hopefully not a pretty expensive lesson. I am fine transferring them to any token that has value.
Thank You!

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Hi Chirojan,

Can you share the txn hash or your public wallet address of where you’re seeing the tokens now?


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TXN 0xb4b61a5f08b6b58e092e2403e90fea44449ccd0715df13aa84b4f4b24f144dbb
Meta address. 0x1079Ac1A10F751B60f345267FE23E3f435a6cC7E
Thanks KBee

Hey Chirojan,

I found this old thread where @Luigi posted some information that I think is similar to the situation you’re in, take a look in here and see if it helps? I can dig through other threads to see if we can find more help if you need it!


I read thru this. It seems Binance had a bridge last year that no longer exists. This was to get the BNB smart chain on Metamask. Now you can do that directly. It seems these transferred were made earlier then that and it became getting the BNB chain on Meta. I can’t find something more present relative to my issue. Your effort continues to be really greatly appreciated!!!

Hey @chirojan, you are correct in the Binance Bridge is now deprecated. However, there are still several other bridges you can use to move your BNB to BNB chain. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

This can also be done through swapping your tokens. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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I tried swapping with Metamask support but the BNB in Eth in not recognized. “NO QUOTES AVAILABLE”. As I said I would take any swap I can get

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Ah yea, that means there’s little to no liquidity for BNB on Ethereum. You may also need to swap to another token to be able to bridge them over too.

Unfortunately, if a swap is needed and there is no liquidity for a swap then the tokens cannot be moved :frowning:

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