Wallet adress change with same seed cod and every thing lost

Hi Luigi,

Thanks, I tried the vault decryptor and it’s only giving me the same Seed Phrase that I already have.

Any idea how to find out the original private key that’s associated with the seed phrase / account address.

I think once I have the Private key, then I can import it and retrieve my account, cuz the phrase is not enough.

Now i’m trying to find out How I can find my private key only.

Thanks alot!!!


You may try this @footballer

Guide: “Find the lost account” (from a real case)

I have experienced the same issue, meaning after reinstalling the extension and importing wallet with usual seed phrase a new Account 1 (without funds, of course) showed up. I was able to get back to my Account with funds as the bug happened again (lucky I was!) and the usual seed phrase allowed me to connect to the right Account 1 on another chrome session.

After two months of research, I found on my device a seed phrase to which my Account 1 with funds really belons. I have never seen/used this seed phrase before.

I developed step by step guide how to search this hidden seed phrase (the vault data of it is in ‘ broken ’ format).

:heartpulse: I really hope it would help! :heartpulse:
You can find this guide on github issue 3127. :point_down:


  • I found the pryvate key! Lost account recovered! :grinning:
  • I found the pryvate key, but it was not right one for my lost account :roll_eyes:
  • I found the "hidden" seed phrase following “Guide 2” :+1: Lost account recovered!
  • I found the “hidden” seed phrase following “Guide 3” :+1: Lost account recovered!
  • I found the vault data in “broken” format, but was not able to decrypt it :cry:

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Olá, boa tarde. Estou exactamente com o mesmo problema. Já encontrou alguma solução? Já tentei contactar o suporte de várias formas mas não obtive resposta nenhuma.