Wallet adress change with same seed cod and every thing lost

I have a similar problem. Three weeks ago, everything worked fine. Then, my ETH balance showed zero in MEW, but was correct in MetaMask. At the same time, my other coins all showed up in MEW but would not appear in MetaMask. I checked Etherscan with my MEW address and everything looks intact. Last night I tried restoring MetaMask with my seed phrase and ended up with an entirely new wallet, and somehow ended up with a new MEW wallet now with a different address. I rechecked Etherscan and everything is still there. When I tried using the link to contact Metamask support, I received a fast response wanting me to enter my recovery phrase to fix the problem, which I DID NOT do. Now I can’t see my old MEW wallet and do not know where to go for help. If anyone has an idea, it looks like there are several of us with the same problem. Thanks!

Still waiting for help desk answer back in my problem.
Same as u have… :roll_eyes:

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no further asssistant, any solution yet

I encounter similar problems. Wanted to re-install metamask with 12 words seed phrase, and a new address came out with 0 balance. My seed phrase has been checked through the vault decryptor procedure so I am 100% sure of it. adding additionnal account does not help. I wrote to Metamask support but no reply yet

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I encountered the same problem as you. Please help

Solved ! There was a confusion between my MM seed phrase and my LEDGER seed phrase.
I restore the LEDGER seed phrase on Metamask and I got back my wallet.

The seed phrase code (12 or 24 words) is the most important thing. With this you can restore from any wallet. For the newbees, I would suggest to run multiple tests with empty wallet, switch from MM to Binance wallets for example. This would avoid 48h of frightness.

To sum up your seed phrase is the LINK between the blockchain and you. Metamask is just a bridge.

thanks to all

Happy you found it back!
I am still waiting for a answer from help desk almost two weeks now.
I have the right seed phrase but non tokens yet.
Tried everything so far.

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Hello guys, I’m curious if someone has contacted you already and have you found a solution to this problem? Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me, after recovering the wallet using the seed phrase, metamask created a completely new wallet for me and unfortunately I lost access to the old one which is very important to me. I reported the problem to metamask support but I don’t have any answer yet…. I will be grateful for your response.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Have you had a chance to check out this article?

My seed phrase was wrong !
When I entered the right seed phrase, it all went back again

Is was as simple as that !
Good luck

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Hi, did you find the solution to this problem already? Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem and I have no idea how to solve it…

Hello, amazing, I managed to regain access to my account by typing the seed phrase starting with the words 13 to 24. I did not believe that it would work, but a complete success. It’s worth a try, maybe it will be possible for You too… Regards

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Still no luck… Tried every single thing that good went wrong Maby.

I did not understand what you did and I have the same problem. Can you explain in more detail?

Hi, when you set up a new wallet, MetaMask generates the phrase seed, these are 24 words in the correct order (assuming each subsequent word has a consecutive number starting from 1 to 24, word # 1, word # 2 … word # 24) that are necessary for recovery lost wallet. However, only 12 words are required when recovering the wallet. In my case, when I used the phrase of the first 12 words while recovering the lost wallet, a new wallet was generated. However, when I used the phrase of the last 12 words (i.e. words from # 13 to # 24) then I regained my lost wallet. Hope you find it helpful. Regards!

Thanks for your help, but I only have 12 words

where can I find these additional 24 words sir. Please help