What the fuck pending transactions

what the fuck this is the shittiest wallet im locked out of sending transactions because of failed or pending transactions since gas prices rose! i have like 10 pending transactions and can not make a transaction since there is pending transactions how the fuck does a wallet get locked up and fail because of pending transactions and having to pay cancellation fees for each transaction im trying to adjust the nonce but i keep getting errors what the fuck whoever developed this app is finding bannkruptcy no wallet should align nonces with pending gas prices who ever developed this app needs to get smartened up im trying to deploy a smart contract and i keep getting pending transactions that are going to cost me in cancellation gas prices what a dumb idea! fucking goofy wallet for sure!

Rule #5 of our community forum says “Be kind” and you aren’t at all. But i will answer you and will close and hide your post as it’s not something other, better, members of the community deserve to read.

This is how you cancel or speedup a transaction and what it involves:

And this is how transactions and failed transactions work:

Gas fees are dependent on how congested the Ethereum network is at the moment you are transacting. If you did a low gas fee transaction it will get stucked until gas reaches the point at which you made the transaction in gwei terms. You can edit your gas when doing transactions, depending on what you need.

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