Where is my BNB?


1 BNB was sent to me from the binance exchange address, unfortunately I did not receive it
Where is my 1BNB ?

I send screenshot

I have a configured binance chain on my wallet
Adress is good
I recovery my wallet , unfortunately it didn’t work

form :0xaa25Aa7a19f9c426E07dee59b12f944f4d9f1DD3
My public adres : 0x5C110525EEe19870F9Edbf9eDf482599FBA6c07c
Th : 0x4a6de24cd45227eff42f688d3f8ac07783b44e9f75430baa59c97e746cd320e4

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Hey @Papiero, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like this transaction was done on Binance Smart Chain testnet, not the actual Binance Smart Chain.